Custom Website Design & Online Marketing For Established Service-Based Companies

Uber Operations

We worked with Uber Operations, a health IT company, to redesign their company website. After our initial consultation, we decided to move their CMS setup from Joomla to WordPress, our content management system of choice. This change made it easier for Uber Operations staff to keep their customers up-to-date with company news, and make changes to various parts of the website. Before Our Work With Uber Operations, And After Our Redesign

Custom Landing Page Design

The Uber University program is a big part of the Uber Operations brand, and it was important that we created a custom landing page that focused on what the university could offer. After another session with the team, we noted all the important aspects of the program, and went back to the drawing boards to create an extensive landing page that helped inform the visitors about all aspects of the program in a easy to digest format. Preview of Uber University landing page