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Independent Green Technologies

Independent Green Technologies already had a WordPress based website, but their previous design was not creating the proper message for their high value service that they provide.

After taking into consideration who their target audience is, and what is important to them, we set out to create a custom redesigned website for the solar installation company. The new website helps clearly showcase what services they provide, who is a good match for them, and allows us to measure where leads are coming from.

IGT Solar

Because we’re able to measure where the leads come from, we can find out where the ideal clients are coming from, and focus our efforts on attracting more clients from that part of the internet.

Seeing previous completed solar projects is highly important to the target audience, and we made sure to add lots of examples of past work. We also added details of each project, as well as separating the 3 areas that the solar company caters to (residential, commercial, and government), so that each target audience can see only relevant completed projects.

IGT Portfolio Design