Build Your Brand During COVID-19 (Get More Reviews)

It’s no doubt that your small business might be hurting with lack of sales and possibly required temporary closing from the government. It’s been a crazy March, and April is looking no better.

No matter what industry you’re in, we’re all feeling the effects of the pandemic to some extent.

It would be easy for all of us to just take a break and hope this ends soon, but those who are proactive now will reap the benefits and get a jumpstart when things start going back to normal.

One of the quickest things you can do to get a big win for your small business, is to strengthen the reputation of your brand by getting more reviews online.

No where are reviews more important for a small business than on your Google Business Listing.

One of our Q1 goals in 2020 was to get 50+ Google Business Listing reviews.

Learn how you can get more reviews for your small business

We had a super simple process of following up with recent customers and asking for both positive and negative feedback.

  1. If they’re happy, we ask them to write a quick review on Google.
  2. If they’re not happy, they email back with their response, allowing our clients to learn more and improve.

We laid out the process and tried to keep it as simple and short as possible.

Almost all of our clients got 50+ reviews, and those who didn’t get there still generated about 30 reviews during those 3 months.

50+ reviews for this small business

Getting more reviews over time on your Google Business Listing is HUGE, it helps customers see that you’re consistently getting positive feedback, and Google can give you the benefit of higher rankings above your competitors.

Now it’s your turn, get your “Get More Reviews Checklist” right now so you can copy and paste our process.

Est. time to complete this task: 15-20 minutes

Value for your business: 10/10

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“Our business was lacking in Google reviews, and we always seemed to have to fight tooth and nail to get them.  The effort it required translated into us never being able to achieve getting more than a dozen or so ourselves.  Hemal at KB Studio felt sure he could get us 50 reviews within 3 months with minimal effort. We really didn’t think this was possible, but within three months we had 50+ reviews, and it required minimal effort on our part.  Since then, we have had several customers contact us who said they chose to call us based on the number of good reviews we had on Google. We would highly recommend working the KB Studio if you are a business that is struggling to receive Google reviews.”

Bernie Gandy
Gandy Printers

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